Value Investing

Adapting Warren Buffet's (Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.) Value Investment approach, Prof Dr Max Otte developed the Königsanalyse® ("king's analysis") and the Purity Law of Capital Investment as a method of asset management ten years ago.

Prof Dr Max Otte holds a chair in economics both at the University of Graz/Austria and at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms/Germany. He is renowned for his scientific publications, such as "Successful Value Investment" (2010) and his best-selling book "The Crash is coming" (2006). His independent opinion is sought after by distinguished economic magazines as well as radio and TV broadcasts when expertise and well-founded commentary on all economic and investment topics is needed.

His weekly stock exchange bulletin "The Private Investor" ( is renowned for both critical and independent analyses and research.


On the one hand, our business is deeply rooted in the field of Value Investing, while, on the other hand, also trusting in our long-term experience with clients that tells us that optimized advice should only consist of tailored, custom-made solutions considering both the client's personal situation as well as all their private and corporate assets.

During our first personal meeting with Prof Dr Max Otte in January 2013, all of us quickly realized that we would not only be able to harmonically work together in the field of Value Investing, but also on a personal basis, since it turned out we share similar values and perspectives.

To consolidate our cooperation that had been agreed upon shortly afterwards, Prof Dr Otte agreed to become a member of our company's Board of Directors in August 2013. In return, Mr Ralph Früh became a member of the Board of Directors of Privatinvestor Verwaltungs AG, a company situated in Zug, Switzerland.

Simultaneously, we were offered the opportunity of broadening our approach to Value Investing through an application of both the Königsanalyse and the Purity Laws developed by Prof Otte.

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